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Ken Bowers has:

Proven Experience. Proven Results.

Ken, I really appreciate the friendly and informative manner in which you handled the selling process...job well done!

                                                                                      Naomi Ashton 


Thank you very much for all your hard work...

                                                                                       Joe Zambon



 Thanks for everything and for such a wonderful job.  You are truly remarkable!      

                                                                                      -Greg Hardin


     Thank you for your mild manner and for helping to keep me “centered”...  your expertise in knowing how to protect my financial interests.  Awesome agent!

                                                                                        -Debbie Brown


"We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed working with you.  We sincerely appreciate the hard work and extra effort you put into helping us find the right home.."                                                                                                          

                                                                                      -Stacy Zalesak            


“Ken’s dedication, professionalism and attention to detail are the tools he used to help us make this whole venture quite enjoyable.”




-James A. Unsen, US Navy



“You did a first rate job - always the professional - every step of the way.”
                                                                                    -Betty M. Crouch



“Thank you also for your energy and determination to work for my best interests.”
                                                                                    -Mary Alice Miller 


“Thank you again for your professional and courteous service and enthusiastic determination.”
                                                                                    -Serge M. Shewchuk, MD, PhD



“I feel that your market knowledge, integrity and courteous manner have made you a rare find in today’s real estate market.”
                                                                                    - Ted Michos
"You represented us...with utmost integrity."
                                                                                    - Bill and Despi Mahaney

"Your follow-through and responsiveness to my needs matched all of the expectations I expect from a person in your business.  I am truly glad I chose you as the listing agent to sell the house."

                                                                                    -David Dassoulas






"Ken showed integrity and fairness throughout the whole process..." 

                                                                                     -Stephen and Denise Griney 






"Your complete honesty,  courtesy,  helping us quickly with our questions,  relieving any fears we had and assisting us in taking the stress out of the process from start to finish was outstanding."

                                                                                     -Larry and Joan McCleery






"...we would like to thank you for all your devotion to the buying and selling process."

                                                                                     -Ryan and Beth Poston 





"You have been a true professional who has consistently met our needs during each step of the home-selling and home-buying process."


                                                                                    -Doug and Pam Troutman     




"We wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to any of our friends."


                                                                                   -Bob and Katie Mergner   



"We appreciated your honesty, diligence and hard work..."

                                                                                   -Martin and Rita Wiener 




"We were very pleased to sell so quickly in this market, and I think your knowledge of our neighborhood and contacts were a key part of the sale."     

                                                                                    -Chris and Karen Hourigan 




"Your personality has a lot to do with how you come across to people.  You are so nice and helpful and it's a pleasure working with you."

                                                                                   -Charlotte Wotring






"Your actions contributed to an easy settlement at which both parties walked away satisfied."


                                                                                   -Dana Thibeau






"We appreciate your calm and gentle approach to helping us realize the situation and your guidance in developing the best strategy to sell our home."


                                                                                    -Hillary and Ilan Berman






"We would like to thank you for the fantastic job you did in selling our home.  We were very pleased with all your hard work and effort you gave during the process."


                                                                                    -George and Margaret Lipscomb






"..You were always available ready to answer questions."

                                                                                     -Frances Reid 






"Ken Bowers exemplifies a standard of care that sets the bar for everyone else to follow."

                                                                                    -Jo Speelman






"Your expertise and guidance with all the various details along the way was invaluable."

                                                                                    -James and Betty Callen





"You did a truly amazing job for me and I would refer you to anyone I know. thanks for everything."                                                                 -Leslie Crow






"I would not hesitate to recommend you highly to others who could use the assistance of a professional, experienced Realtor."

                                                                                    -Dave McKay






"Another thing I noticed during this whole process was the obvious skill you displayed when you negotiated the sale of my home."

                                                                                     -Joan Eammelli






"I was impressed with the skill in negotiation that you showed throughout the transaction and the ability to obtain one of the highest prices to ever sell in my neighborhood."

                                                                                      -Robert Bains






"If we ever have the opportunity to recommend your service to anyone we will do so with gusto, knowing that we are sending them to the best in the business!"

                                                                                      -Bob and Anne Speicher






"It was completely obvious that you always had our best concern and interest at the forefront.."

                                                                                       -John Pressley






"Your experience in negotiation really paid off as you were able to obtain a RECORD SALE for my home and allow me plenty of time to make a smooth transition to my new home."

                                                                                       -Edwin Ballentyne






"...thanks for taking the complexity out of selling a house."

                                                                                        -John and Gene Sharp  



"In our opinion we are not aware of any competition to you out there."

                                                                                        -Helene Catsouras 





"Most of all, Ken, I felt like you really cared for me.  You did your business with compassion and professionalism.  You ALWAYS had my best interest at heart."

                                                                                       -Polly Baxter





"If we had another home to sell or buy it once again would be with your help."

                                                                                       -Dennis and Jean Ward






"You were professional in all aspects of selling my home and had utmost integrity throughout the entire process."

                                                                                       -Cynthia Proctor





"Your many years of experience, and expert knowledge of the real estate market paid off as we were able to obtain of the highest prices ever to sell in our neighborhood."

                                                                                       -David and Norma Tyler






"We want to thank you so much for everything you have done to help us sell our house and buy a new one."

                                                                                     -Jack and Lydia Foley






"Your complete honesty, courtesy, helping us quickly with our questions, relieving any fears we had and assisting us in taking the stress out of the process was outstanding."

                                                                                     -Larry and Joan McCleery 




"If I hear of anyone moving into the Washington/Metro area I will be happy to recommend you to them."

                                                                                     -Tom and Patti Sidel 




"You went above and beyond the call of duty."      -Willie McDowell 




"Once again, thank you for everything you did for us.  Rest assured that we would be more than happy to recommend you to any of our friends who are in need of the services of a truly professional realtor."

                                                                                   -Ivan and Pilar Mattei





"I can honestly say that I would highly recommend your services to those I know.  Thanks again!"

                                                                                   -Jim Demattio





"I have nothing but praise for Ken Bowers.  He made us feel as if we were dealing with a friend rather than a business associate.  Thanks Ken!"

                                                                                   -Phyllis Murphy





"When I first met you, I felt comfortable that your knowledge and many years of experience in selling homes would benefit me.  Obviously, I was thrilled when my home received MULTIPLE offers ABOVE full price."

                                                                                    -Karen Noyes 





"The advice you gave me was right on and I am still amazed how quickly my property sold!"

                                                                                    -John Vigh 




"Ken, both my wife and I recommend you very highly."

                                                                                    -Marvin and Maria Wolfe





"I am also very grateful for how you effectively negotiated on my behalf and, to my astonishment, were able to obtain almost $10,000 higher than what my home was listed for--WELL DONE!!"

                                                                                    -Wilma Jenkins






"Your professionalism, insight, and advice made the process seem very easy."

                                                                                    -Linda Hassler  




"Long before we decided to sell our home on London Lane, we had decided to have Ken act as our agent. It was a wise decision."                        -Edward and Janet Kennedy    



"Your encouragement along the way kept us from giving up."

                                                                                      -Dale and Grace Baltzell  




"Best of all I am most grateful that my home sold QUICKLY and at TOP DOLLAR."

                                                                                      -Marjorie Riedel 





"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding job, as well as the hard work and integrity you put forth in the sale of my home."

                                                                                       -Venkat Sarma 





"As you can tell by now, our relationship with you and Llewellyn Realtors was delightful.  If we can ever assist you by giving a personal reference, or in any other way, please do not hesitate to ask.  Thanks again for helping us find our perfect first home."

                                                                                       -Mark and Mindy Johannessen






"We know we came to you with a difficult assignment -- to sell our townhouse within a short timeline.  As you promised, you provided us with a neighborhood analysis, advertised the house frequently and packaged it well, kept us up to date with all activities concerning the property, assisted us in every step of the negotiations and were there with us at settlement.  No one could ask for more."

                                                                                         -Herb and  Diane Davidson






"We are writing to express our profound gratitude for the services of Realtor Ken Bowers."

                                                                                         -David and Sharon Sparkowich 





"You made a difficult time a lot easier for me.  I will be delighted to recommend you and Llewellyn Realtors to anyone."

                                                                                          -Bertha Doughtie  





"While there were many homes on the market all around us, you were able, not only to obtain an offer on our home for us, but it was an all cash offer."

                                                                                           -Clark and Lynne Jones 





"You worked hard and were completely dedicated to us throughout the whole process,  In addition, you always had our best interest at heart."       -Zaki Bahou 




"In my opinion, your integrity has blessed you and has become perhaps the pinnacle of your success. Thanks you Ken.  You are a gift, a complete agent, and represent Llewellyn Realtors in a sound, unimpaired manner."

                                                                                           -Gary and Kathleen Bowers





"It was good to know that I could count on you to represent my interests during this challenging market. I was most impressed with your thorough knowledge of the market as well as your skill in negotiating and dealing with people.  You are truly a professional in every respect."

                                                                                            -Joe Davis  




"When a person looks up the word 'professional' they will find your name."

                                                                                            -Earl Watterson 





"We have heard of your good reputation over the years and we were not disappointed."

                                                                                             -Jim and Claire Robertson 




"Thanks for all your energy and effort on our behalf."

                                                                                             -John Horne 





"Thank you for your skill in negotiation as well as for staying on top of all the numerous details involved in the sale.  Thank you also for your energy and determination to work for my best interests."

                                                                                             -Mary Alice Miller 





"I had heard about you and your good reputation through a friend and was told that you knew how to sell homes.  I decided to list my home with you and within sixty days there were two contracts.  Well done!"

                                                                                              -Ken Palmer 





"You obviously worked hard and had our best interests at heart.  Your experience and knowledge of the real estate market made for a smooth and trouble-free sale."

                                                                                              -Chris Long 




"We are happy to commend Ken Bowers to you..."

                                                                                               -Dr. and Mrs. Silver





"I have had the privilege of having Ken Bowers, on separate occasions, act as a selling and listing agent on my behalf, and can say without hesitation, that he exhibits the utmost integrity in all of his dealings.  Ken works fervently on behalf of his clients."

                                                                                               -Deborah Brown    




"We want to commend you for the superb job you did in helping us sell our home and purchase a new one."

                                                                                               -Barry and mary Miller  



"I would like to thank you for your integrity."

                                                                                                -Wayne Cates  




"From the beginning, Ken's manner and personality was such that we immediately felt at ease."

                                                                                                -Deborah D. Taylor    




"Your professional approach won us over."                        -Frank Vetrano 





"Mr. Bowers thorough knowledge of the market and his professional manor resulted in a prompt sale at a reasonable price.  Before and after the sale he was always there to answer any questions we might have."

                                                                                                -Ira and Dot Knapp 




"Ken Bowers is a special man and a great example to us"

                                                                                                 -Mark and Nancy Columbia






"Thanks again for all your help."                                          -Dave and Betty Hughes 





"You made the sale of our house a calm experience.  Your hard work and honesty were greatly appreciated."

                                                                                                   -K and C Kelley 





"I felt like my needs and desires were of utmost importance to you, and I felt like you did an outstanding job representing me and my needs throughout the entire transaction."

                                                                                                  -Marjorie Riedel 





"Thank you again for your hard work.  it was obvious that your many years of experience paid off."

                                                                                                  -Clark and Lynne Jones 





"We sincerely appreciate the time and effort you spent on the sale of our home. We were impressed by your professionalism, dedication, and commitment expended in this effort."

                                                                                                   -Paulie and Coleman Wilson 




"You are a very kind and generous man and believe me, when I am ready to sell my house you are the one I will get in touch with."                                 -Mrs. Maholchic  




"Just want to say thank you for the great job you did selling my house.  It was a pleasure to work with you."

                                                                                                  -Phyllis George  





"Salvadore and I wish to extend our sincere thanks to you for the superior way you handled the selling of our home."

                                                                                                -Salvadore and Catherine Anselmo






"Thank you so much for everything you did for me during the recent sale of my house."

                                                                                                 -Betty Miller 




"Ken is always available to answer our questions."

                                                                                                  -Jerold and Dorothee Brotman






"Thanks so much for the kindness you showed us both."

                                                                                                  -Larry and Joan McCleery 





"Your professionalism and promptness with regards to our meetings and phone calls was greatly appreciated."

                                                                                                   -Greg Sullivan  



"Thank you for all the years of kindness and thoughtfulness."

                                                                                                   -Carlos and Jose Hernandez  



"I just want to say thanks for helping us find a place to live- I am really happy"                                                                                     -Vera Liban    


                                                                                                                                                          "We have always heard of your good reputation, and you certainly did not let us down. You were always available, always positive, always professional, and always serving with integrity."

                                                                                                     -Tim and jackie Mikell 





"I was most impressed as to the professional manner in which you were able to not only negotiate multiple contracts under pressure, but also obtained top dollar for my home."

                                                                                                        -Joseph Berry  




"We feel that if it wasn't for the great efforts made by your real estate agent, Ken Bowers, the settlement may not have been a smooth one."

                                                                                                        -Michael Ridgeway 





"We could not have had a better agent than Ken Bowers."

                                                                                                      - James Robertson 





"We both felt you kept our best interests in mind throughout the entire process, and that you gave 100% effort on our behalf. You a;ways acted in a truly professional manner."

                                                                                                       -James and Stacy Cowen 





"Ken's performance far exceeded what anybody could reasonably expect from an agent.  He has an incredible ability to impart knowledge in a clear, manageable way...allowing us to make informed decisions based on our needs and objectives."

                                                                                                        -Dan and Betsy Harper 





"We wanted to thank you for your professionalism and integrity.  After all is said and done these two area stand out about you."

                                                                                                       -Mr. and Mrs. Cabello 





"...Ken made the process as painless as possible..  He is knowledgeable, personable and patient."

                                                                                                        -Jodi Jenkins 




"I was impressed with Ken's professionalism."

                                                                                                         -Tai Yim  



"Ken did his best to ensure that the house hunting and the settlement went smoothly.  With Ken's help, I closed on my townhouse in exactly four weeks.  Four months ago, I was transferred to Pittsburgh, and I needed to sell my house quickly.  Ken helped me sell the house in six days.  I was lucky to have an agent as thorough and caring as ken>  He really made things easy. Thanks again!"

                                                                                                         -Bradley Babbitt







"Thanks so much for all your hard work on behalf of us."

                                                                                                         -Andrew and Jeri Leach 





"Not only our asking price, but the house sold seven days after the sign was put in front of our home. Wow!"

                                                                                                           -John and Joy Sumner  




"It was a pleasure to work with you.  As you can imagine, buying a new home for the first time, by yourself, can be pretty scary - but your patience and  kindness made the whole process go very smoothly for me.  It actually turned out to be an enjoyable experience! Thanks for everything!"

                                                                                                             -Sadie Aznavoorian 





"We are pleased to highly recommend Ken Bowers for his patient, supportive, respectful and knowledgeable assistance in buying our first home."

                                                                                                            -Tim Francis 




"You did it again!  Thanks so much for working so hard to sell my home,"

                                                                                                             -Colleen LePore  




"It was obvious that you showed a great deal of professionalism and experience throughout the entire process."                                                                   -Dave and Debbie Illuminate  




"We want to say 'thank you' and commend you for all the good work you've done in our recent sale/purchase home transactions."

                                                                                                         -Doug and Linda Noll  



"Continue exactly as you are! This is a great company with great employees!  keep up the good work! Ken - you're great!"

                                                                                                         -Christina Townsend 





"We would like to thank you for all your warmth, consideration and knowledge in helping us purchase our home.  you made everything seem so easy and comfortable.  It was a real joy to work with you."

                                                                                                        -Bobby and Dorothy Grier 




"Thank you again, ken, for a job well done and, most of all, thank you for your honest and sincere service which is a rare  commodity."

                                                                                                        -Irv Gordon 





"...I acknowledge you for your indisputable commitment to extraordinary sales professionalism."

                                                                                                        -Dorothy Strelser 





"One thing that impressed me was your honesty and sincerity."

                                                                                                       -Bill Vanetten  




"It truly has been a pleasure working with you and your company."

                                                                                                      -Cynthia DeArman











Ken Bowers

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